Course Development

Applogic has significant experience and expertise in the design and development of digital educational content. Our top notch team of Project Managers, Instructional Designers, Visual Designers and Usability Experts understand that learning must be designed to engage and activate the learner.

Our expert SME network allows us to effectively address a wide range of disciplines in the K12, Higher Ed and Career segments to deliver learning that is multi-platform, social, collaborative, meaningful and non-traditional. We have created programs, curricula and courses in such diverse areas as Middle and High School Algebra, AP English, Nursing and Allied Health. Our clients include some of the leading names in digital educational content in the United States and Europe.

Our team will work closely with your organization to conduct detailed analysis to derive and document user needs, and add maximum value to your course development efforts.

Simulations and Labs

Applogic uses smart multi-tier technology to build simulations that allow users to apply their knowledge and hone their skills in a realistic, yet risk-free environment. Recognizing the need for highly customized training, we can help you adapt the simulation to complex "current" scenarios to create a multi-path training environment that brings the experience to life.

Our simulations and labs are:
  • Powered by an extensive library of characters, environments, and other graphic elements
  • Driven by underlying data-player models to make new scenarios, information, and interactions scalable and easy to implement
  • Designed to be open and accessible so that external programmers can update and maintain with ease
Game Design and Development

Applogic appreciates the value of games as learning tools. The members of Team Applogic were early converts to the potential of offering an environment where the student can play, experiment, and learn from mistakes. Now that gaming has been fully integrated into the educational arena, we find ourselves in the happy position of having grown up with the movement. This means that you gain from our 100+ man-years of experience in game development using the best technologies available

The services provided by us span the complete spectrum of the game development lifecycle, including:

  • Target audience analysis
  • Game concept and story development
  • Designing game themes and mission
  • Defining game play
  • Character development
  • Artwork and dialog
  • Programming
High-end 2D and 3D Animations

Our team of visual designers and graphic artists has worked across grades and disciplines to create high-quality, high-impact 2D and 3D animations. When required, we leverage our instructional design expertise and SME network to ensure that the animations are accurate to the last detail and add pedagogical value to the student.

We have very familiar in working with market leading and commonly used tools and software, and related standards such as COLLADA. Our portfolio ranges from animations for elementary and middle school reading programs, detailed cell animation for advanced medical programs (USMLE) and photo-realistic 3D animations across a range of learning nuggets for K-12.

Interactivities and Learning Objects

There are two major forces driving increased publisher demand for templatized interactivities, and independent learning objects - the promise of differentiated instruction and the need to generate an acceptable return on digital spend.

Differentiated instruction allows you to offer the most efficient and effective learning path for each student, depending on their aptitude, preferences and engagement levels. To enable this, content needs to be created and made available on a granular level as independent learning objects. Having low cost templatized interactivities and self-contained learning objects also offers publishers greater opportunities for content management and monetization. Applogic has developed over 1000 standards-based learning objects across a range of disciplines, and can ably serve your immediate and long-term content needs.

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